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Is The Long Yard Larder the Best Coffee Shop in Samford ?

Best Coffee Shop in Samford

Do you dream of the perfect bean and eat coffee for breakfast? If so, get yourself to this relaxed café with the best coffee you could imagine, and find out why so many are calling The Long Yard Larder the Best Coffee Shop in Samford. Friendly for families, cyclists, dogs and even horses, this Samford Village coffee joint has something for everyone!

You don’t have to be a coffee connoisseur to tell a good coffee from a bad one. Just one sip, and you know if the coffee is special, or bland. You may not be able to even explain with words exactly what’s good about it. But everyone can tell.

At the Long Yard Larder, we know exactly what makes a good coffee good. We know the science of coffee making. And today, we’re going to let you look behind the curtain to see how the magic happens. We’ll show you exactly why we make coffee that’s far above average, and what makes this Samford coffee shop special.

All About Those Beans, ‘bout Those Beans

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The Long Yard Larder uses only the best quality coffee beans. We use the Supreme Espresso Blend from Coffee Supreme coffee roasters – experts in coffee roasting since 1993. This is a specialty coffee locally roasted in Woolloongabba. It’s made up of 5 different beans blended together, creating the perfect balance for all types of coffee. From black espresso, to smooth and creamy cappuccino, or even iced lattes, the Supreme espresso blend suits all brew methods and provides great coffee every time.

The blend itself combines all the best traits in coffee. You see, some coffee beans are too high in acidity, making it bitter to taste. Other blends of coffee can be too heavy in cocoa and sweetness, and that makes it taste chalky and dense.

So we’ve settled on the perfect blend rather than a single origin coffee. Our coffee beans have just enough acidity to give the coffee a delightfully crisp and invigorating tinge. And it’s combined with a rich and creamy body and sweet aftertaste. Out of all the coffee shops in Samford Valley, the Long Yard Larder is the only one to use this special blend.

The Perfect Brew

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Having good beans alone does not make the perfect coffee. The difference is shown in what you do with those beans. Our staff have developed their barista skills into an art form, one they have truly mastered making our family friendly coffee house a must visit if you’re heading to the beautiful Samford Valley.

First, we use good quality milk. Because not all milk is the same. We use Maleny Diaries, Milk Lab, or Bon Soy depending on the beverage. Of particular note is Milk Lab, which is specifically designed for baristas in brewing coffee and frothing milk. These milks complement our perfect blend of coffee beans.

Next, we prepare the milk to the perfect temperature. This is the one step in the coffee brewing process that can make-or-break the coffee. You don’t want coffee that’s too hot, or you’ll burn the milk and ruin the flavour. Too cold, and it can taste bland and stop the coffee flavour from shining through.

A good barista will find the goldilocks balance of perfect temperature to create a crisp and smooth coffee.

We also take great pride and care in making each coffee exactly as the customer specified. If you like your coffee a certain way, just tell us!

We are coffee aficionados – enthusiastic and meticulous about making each beverage as good as it can be. We put care in every cup. We’ll make the coffee the way you like it.

The Atmosphere

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Your coffee is always enhanced by where you drink it, and who you drink it with. After all, coffee is a social drink. It’s always best enjoyed in the right place with the right people. 

Imagine for a moment that you have travelled to Venice. You sit in a cosy, romantic café by a quiet laneway, and listen to the gentle lapping of the water in the canal. It’s such a perfect setting that you sip your coffee in happy silence. You don’t even notice the coffee was horrible! Because you still enjoy the atmosphere

We all love cafes because they offer a special feeling. A feeling that you belong there. You are comfortable and at ease.

The Long Yard Larder offers a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. When you walk in the door, the aroma of freshly brewed coffee greets you. We also serve traditional English food (think Wensley’s pork pies and Guinness pies) as well as award winning Maleny Food Co ice cream gelato, so you might smell crispy bacon or the sweet scent of ice cream.

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The café has easy access parking, located just away from the main street of Samford making it a little quieter for better conversations. It’s easy to get to and never too busy. You can even take the kids to the popular John Scott Park when you’re done. There’s an upside you don’t get when you visit that hole in the wall coffee place in Fortitude Valley or the City!

But most importantly, the perfect atmosphere comes from good service.

We are a family-owned business local to Samford. We want to greet every guest with fantastic service and a friendly smile so you feel completely welcome and at ease.

Don’t wait, visit us today !

Come visit us at The Long Yard Larder on the corner of Station and Main Streets, Samford Village. We have award winning ice cream, sorbet and gelato, traditional English food , and the best Brunch and Breakfast menu in Samford Village. And most of all, the best coffee from the best coffee shop in Samford! But don’t take our word for it, see what our customers are saying.