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Looking for the Best Breakfast on Brisbane Northside?

If you’re looking for the Best Breakfast on Brisbane Northside, you’re probably already picturing your perfect breakfast in your mind.

Are you picturing hot strips of crispy bacon, with creamy scrambled eggs and buttered sourdough? Or maybe you’re thinking of a stack of belgian waffles with sweet maple syrup, melting gelato and fruits. Or something healthy, like avocado and persian feta with balsamic glaze.

No matter what your perfect breakfast is, you’ll find it at The Long Yard Larder. It’s the best place for Brunch in Samford Valley.

Brunch is the New Breakfast

Best Breakfast on Brisbane Northside

Brunch is no longer just a trendy term. It’s become the new norm for catching up with friends in the morning, or days when you take life a bit slower. You can sleep in, have a lazy start to the morning, and find yourself at a luxury café a bit later in the day. Brunch is the highlight of a relaxing morning.

It’s also the perfect opportunity for seeing friends, or sharing a bit of romance with your partner. Life can get so busy, and it’s easy to let time slip by without catching up with the people we care about. Plus our evening schedule can get pretty booked up. That’s why brunch is the best solution. Start the day by seeing dear friends and family, enjoy a hearty meal, and still have the rest of the day ahead of you.

Brunch is also a great way to combine breakfast and lunch, as the name suggests. While most people eat breakfast around 7am, brunch is much more commonly eaten at 11am. It often serves as a more substantial meal and replaces lunch as well.

That’s why Long Yard Larder offers our full breakfast brunch menu from 7am to 1pm. And you can still get cabinet food including ham and cheese croissants, coffee and gelato until 5pm! So you don’t have to feel rushed. You can pop in whenever you’re ready to enjoy the most delicious brunch place in Samford Valley.

Something for Everyone

Breakfast on Brisbane Northside
At the Long Yard Larder, we pride ourselves on being a family-friendly establishment. That’s why we have a large and varied menu to cater for everyone. No matter what breakfast food you like, you’ll find it on our menu. At the same time, we don’t want a menu so big that’s is hard to find what you’re looking for! That’s why we’ve specially chosen each item to fill a certain need.

We have all the breakfast favourites for when you need something comfortable and familiar. Try Bacon and Eggs cooked fresh and crispy. Or try Belgian waffles with gelato and maple syrup. Yum yum!

Next we have light options to help you be healthy, such as the delicious Vegan Coconut Porridge, served with season fruit, tahini maple cream and toasted nut crumble. We also offer vegetarian, gluten free and other vegan options.
All of our main meals are available in either a Half portion of a Full portion. This is to help our customers who just feel a bit peckish, or those of you who may feel like the very hungry caterpillar!

Running late for something important? We have pre-made meals in our cabinet every morning, for those who need a quick bite on the go. All of our meals can be served in take-away containers if you’re needed elsewhere.

Coffee – Ambrosia of the Gods

Supreme Espresso Blend coffee - samford best coffee
All these great brunch options can be enjoyed with our signature Supreme Espresso Blend coffee, from the Coffee Supreme coffee roasters. Our coffee blend combines the rich, full body of cocoa beans with the faint wisp of acidity, giving you all the best parts of great coffee.

You can also enjoy a variety of teas, such as fresh chai, turmeric chair, and Chamellia leaf tea, all of which are certified organic.

Gelato for Dessert

award winning gelato and sorbet Best cafe samford

That’s right, you can have dessert after brunch! Why not? You’re an adult and can do what you like!

Long Yard Larder have award winning gelato and sorbet in shop available everyday 7am to 5pm, 7 days a week. Our gelato is specially provided by Maleny Food Co. We have eighteen different flavours, so we’re sure there’s one for you.

Treat your kids to a sweet gelato in a cone, and you can quietly sip your espresso in peace.

The LYL is the perfect venue for families, and anyone who loves brunch, coffee, and gelato. Come enjoy the Best Breakfast in Brisbane Northside.

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