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Gelato Samford

Why Settle for Ice Cream when you can have Gelato Samford? Find Your Favourite Flavour at The Long Yard Larder

Award Winning Gelato – The Best of the Best Dessert

The Long Yard Larder uses gelato provided by Maleny Food Co, simply because their gelato is widely recognised as the best in Australia. They consistently win industry awards across the country in the food and dairy categories at prestigious events such as the Royal Queensland Food and Wine Show and the Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards. Try the award winning lemon, chocolate or strawberry gelato flavours – or make your own awards and choose the best flavour.

Our Passion For Dessert

We are passionate about serving the best desserts to meet the needs of our customers. That’s why we only use gelato made by Maleny Food Co. Their gelato creation process is an artform! They are dedicated to creating authentic gelato in the traditional Italian style. That means they only use fresh ingredients that have been stirred by hand.

We train all staff in the precise art of scooping. After all, gelato is different to regular ice cream and needs delicate care to master! Also all eighteen flavours of gelato are chosen based on customer feedback and popular demand. You can trust that every flavour is worth trying!
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I Scream for… Gelato?

So what exactly is gelato? Well it’s a type of ice cream that’s made in an Italian style developed back in the 16th century. Gelato is created at a much slower speed, churned rather than whipped, which allows less air to settle into the cream. Gelato is 70% more dense than regular ice cream. This means there’s more of it per scoop! That’s often why gelato is served in slightly smaller portions: because you’re still getting more.

It also uses slightly different ingredients to regular ice cream. While regular ice cream only uses a simple milk and cream combination, gelato will also add in a range of nuts, fruits and chocolates. This makes it thicker, richer, and more flavoured.

Many of our gelatos are gluten free, so ask our friendly staff which ones are suitable for you to try.


Sorbet is the Sor-Best!

Sorbet is a healthier, and more eco-friendly option. It is made in the same way as gelato, but with a water-based combination of ingredients instead of milk. This means sorbet is 100% dairy free. It’s still sweet, creamy, and absolutely delicious! Just without so much sugar and fewer calories.

Our sorbets are a mixture of fruit purees, water and sugar. This means they have all natural ingredients, and have no gluten, egg, fat or gelatine, making them vegan friendly.

Only the Best Ingredients

Not all Gelato is made equal. The ingredients used in preparing gelato made a huge difference in the quality of the final product. That’s why our partners at Maleny Food Co always make our gelato from Maleny Guernsey milk, sourced from local Brisbane farmers. Guernsey milk is high in protein, high in good fats, and easier to digest than other milks.

Our gelato also uses natural, fresh foods in the mixture, including nuts, fruits, and chocolates. Other gelatos will sometimes use cheap flavourings to mimic the taste. But you can tell the difference between artificial and real. And at The Long Yard Larder, we always use the real thing.
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Good Gelato is Served…WARM

Traditionally, real gelato is served slightly warmer than regular ice cream. This is because we want the texture to stay silky and smooth, rather than go hard like ice. Gelato that is too cold will turn too solid and lose that gentle and smooth taste. Unfortunately many gelato stores won’t keep their gelato at the right temperature, and end up serving it rock hard. That’s why we always make sure the temperature is just right.

A Three Course Meal

You can find all meal types at The Long Yard Larder. We offer the best coffee in Samford Village made with a specialty Supreme Espresso blend of coffee beans.

You can have breakfast with us every day from 7am to 5pm, 7 days a week.. We have a delicious brunch menu available with all the classic choices. You can even find your favourite Specialty English Food (Wensley’s English Fayre) dishes served fresh in our café or to order in store.

Once your belly is full of yummy food and a warm coffee, you can top it all off with our sweet gelato and sorbet options for dessert.

Don’t settle for a regular ice cream shop Samford Valley residents and visitors – come visit The Long Yard Larder today for the best gelato Samford has to offer, and your tastebuds will thank you for it!

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