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We’re sorry to tell you that the best ice cream Samford Valley has to offer is not what you are expecting. But don’t worry! We have something better than your typical, run-of-the-mill ice cream samplings. Our gelato and sorbet will blow your mind with flavour combinations like Ginger & Macadamia, Salted Caramel, Bubblegum, Cookies & Cream Gelato; Lemon, Mango or Salted Lime Sorbet.

ice cream Samford Village

Come on down to our shop for a taste of some delicious Italian style Gelato & Sorbet (a healthy dairy free alternative to frozen yogurt) made by one of the best gelato manufacturers in the State, Maleny Food Co. today!

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The Long Yard Larder cafe is located not far from the Harry Potter Store of Requirement and across from the swings at John Scott Park in Samford Village, Qld. When it’s hot many of our customers opt for award winning gelato (which is all gluten free) or sorbet (which is gluten and dairy free) after taking the kids to the park or wandering around the beautiful village. 

Why we love it more than frozen yogurt

ice cream Samford Village

At The Long Yard Larder we stock gelato and sorbet manufactured locally by one of our favourite small business suppliers, Maleny Food Co. It has received critical acclaim and achieved industry awards consistently since its inception because of their keen eye for premium ingredients that are sourced locally and in Italy. 


Made in small batches by churning rather than whipping the base, produces a perfectly rich and creamy texture compared to frozen yogurt. 

And one of the nice things about this method, is that because it’s less aerated, you don’t need as much to satisfy you compared to frozen yogurt or ice cream.  

Award Winning Maleny Food Co. Gelatos and Sorbets

Maleny Food Co is one of those rare businesses that has been winning Gold Medals across Australia for their gelato and sorbet flavours at major food competitions and shows, including:

ice cream Samford Village

And we don’t think they’ll stop there – so keep an eye out for Maleny Food Co in the competitions and shows near you! 

As a family owned, locally owned business we love to support other similar businesses which is why we’ll continue to stock Maleny Food Co sorbets (the dairy free option to frozen yogurt) and gelatos.

We have 18 of the best flavours

ice cream Samford Village

Maleny Food Co. has so many different flavours to choose from and we try to pick the ones that we think you’ll love the most. Some of our customers’ all time gelato favourites include rum and raisin, peppermint and choc chip, salted caramel, ginger and macadamia, vanilla bean, cookies and cream, bubble gum, and coffee.

Our staff members are also well trained so that they can give recommendations based on what you will like, even if you don’t have a particular flavour in mind. We also hand out samples of the gelato and sorbet so that you can try it before committing to a whole take home tub.

So keep your tastebuds content and pop on over for a lazy Sunday afternoon in the Village.

How about mix and match

Don’t think you have to select just one flavour though – mix your favourites in a 2 scoop cone or cup serving, or take them home in a half litre or litre container.

How about trying creme caramel and coffee gelato ? Or rum & raisin with chocolate ? Or lychee and mango sorbet for a tropical combination loading your mouth with flavour.

You can’t really go wrong with any of Maleny Food Co.’s sorbet flavours – but if you’re feeling adventurous, I’d recommend trying their salted lime sorbet. It’s a perfect combination of tart and sweet with an interesting aftertaste that makes you want to come back for more!

Ice Cream Samford Valley

Ready for something a little different ?

We have some great seasonal flavours, too! If you’re looking for an exciting new flavour combination then we’ve probably got something just for you. Some of our staff’s favourite seasonal flavours are:

– Ginger and Macadamia is perfect from mid to late spring – more of a summer flavour. One of our staff’s favourites but hard to keep in stock because everyone loves it!

– Salted Caramel from early autumn through to winter because nobody can get enough of salted caramel. Perfect for the season because it’s a little richer and reminiscent of sticky toffee puddings.

– Mango or Salted Lime from spring to summer because it’s cooling for a hot day.

Click on the link to have a look at our latest menu of flavours.

Don’t forget about our dairy free sorbets 

When it comes to dairy free sorbets, some of our best sellers are mango, lychee, blood orange, salted lime and lemon. We can get through a lot of these flavours in the warmer months, because they’re so refreshing and full of flavour.

After all this talk I think it’s time to head down to The Long Yard Larder for dessert! So what’s your favourite flavour ? Let us know in the comments below. 

Where can you find us! 

If you want to come in and try some gelato or sorbet – look no further! Maleny Food Co. is available at The Long Yard Larder Cafe located in the beautiful Samford Village Qld, 30 minutes north west of Brisbane (not far past Ferny Grove or Albany Creek). 

Whether you’re in the surrounding suburbs or based in Samford Village itself, pop on down any time of day and grab something from our frozen delights. Or have a read of the latest review from our customers on Facebook or Google Business ?

Contact information and hours of operation

We’re open 7 days a week from 7.00 am- 5.00 pm and our gelato and sorbets are available in a waffle cone, cup or take home pack all day. You might even want to indulge in our Belgian style waffles topped with gelato for brunch ! Not sure if we have a flavour to suit you ? Head on over to our gelato & sorbet menu. And see why most kids give our gelato an average rating of ‘yummy’ !